… the norm changes every freaking time I look at a news website.

The current plan is to make Emblems of Triumph the “base” of emblems so everything that drops Emblems of Conquest would be changed to Triumph and then the new raid content would drop the new highest emblem along with things like the heroic daily and such.

This is quoting a blue post from WoW.com.

I am sort of on the fence about this decision, mainly because I just had to haul ass to gear up a paladin through Conquest badges (which by the way, really sucks when you can’t get into raids with your alt… despite your best methods, and a certain jackass).  Will the things I spent almost 3 weeks of doing Heroic dailies be now worth crap?  In a way, yeah.  Badges of Triumph are relatively difficult to get if you don’t raid and have limited time to PUG as you can only get them from Onyxia 10/25, ToC 10/25, and the heroic dailies.

The argument being made though is that you still need to have a brain of sort or do some sort of raiding if you want higher level tier 9 pieces.  You also can get better gear through Icecrown 10 than just doing heroics, which does make sense.  It, however, makes me sad that I had to wait months (plus a few Onyxia and VoA PUGs) to get my paladin her ring and libram.