… as of now, this can change, because I hear it’s a new PTR build and things do change when they need to, but…

  • Priest T10 Healer 2P Bonus – After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.
  • Priest T10 Healer 4P Bonus – Your Flash Heal spell has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance Spells.
  • Priest T10 Shadow 2P Bonus – The critical strike chance of your Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch spells is increased by 5%.
  • Priest T10 Shadow 4P Bonus – Reduces the channel duration and period of your Mind Flay spell by 51%.

So let’s analyze this for a moment.

The 2 piece bonus for the healing set is pretty nice though I don’t see the function of the Pain Suppression changing at all— if anything it’ll assist healers that easily get used to reduced damage buffs like this, and will keep a tank up for a little longer.  The Guardian Spirit one, however, I feel will make it get used more often for just the overall healing buff while it’s up.  Though, in reality, both are nothing too much to write about…

But those 4 piece beauties, I mean, wow.  You want something overpowered?  You got it.  The recent trend of most priest healers now tend to fall in line with the Flash Heal method over Greater Heal.  If anything, it seems like Greater Heal needs to be looked at again to see whether it can be a spell that can be back on the bar and used with more frequency and less fear of overheal (I personally miss the Tier 5 bonus of getting mana back on overheal).  Resetting the cooldown of CoH or Penance will make the priest a powerhouse in theory.  However this does depend on what sort of internal cooldown we might see from it.  A 15% implies a 1 in 10 chance (rounding down as a cynic) to get something instantly cooldowned and this isn’t looking at how fast your Flash Heal is to make a cooldown appear.

Unfortunately, I cannot determine on how powerful this will be for Discipline.  I kind of think that after using PW:S, Prayer of Mending, and Penance prior to using Flash Heal.  This means we have to prioritize using Flash Heal directly after Penance in order to take advantage.  Furthermore, the 8 second cooldown requires us to get lucky in the 15% area— at most, I know I can cast maybe 3-4 FHs in that cooldown and that’s if I’m not already looking to PW:S another tank, or put it on myself, or do something else.

We’ll see though.

The shadow set bonuses, though I know nothing about shadow, seems to follow the same trend: a solid 2-piece bonus and a very, VERY nice 4 piece that will benefit those with very, VERY fast Mind Flayers.  I think it’ll help out those who are pushing the 4-Mind-Flays-In-A-Mind-Blast-Cooldown method.

But that’s all I got!  What do you all think about the bonuses?  Am I just crazy?  (Possibility is always there.)