Right, I do have a non-class Blog for vidja games, but specifically for World of Warcraft.

Can’t say that I am a big fan of talking about things that I haven’t played for almost two weeks, including raiding.

So what is new right now?  Not much.

But I do have a small thought that has been influenced by none other than my best friend during lunch.

Let’s say you raid for 4 nights a week.  How do you put your time in correctly, even on evenings where you may not have the best group set-up for certain goals?

My personal thought?

Two nights of Heroic ToC 25, one night of Regular ToC 25 + Onyxia + VoA, and one night of Regular and Hard ToC 10.

Now, I could be completely off-base when I say this, but to me… Ulduar 25 doesn’t really count so much anymore.  I say this because the only true upgrades for some folks probably come from hard modes, and probably from Algalon…

But everything else, I think, should be spent on those.

Yes, I understand: hard modes still kind of count, blah blah blah, get some drakes (yeah right).  But to me, gearing > mounts.  It will always go that way.

More contemplation… do I return to WoW?  I don’t know if I want to.  Dragon Age: Origins is probably the most entertaining game I’ve played for a while.  Left4Dead 2 is right around the corner… and truth be told, and I might sound terrible for it, I don’t miss raiding.  I don’t miss having that responsibility that gave no actual physical reward.  Am I a jaded person for not taking the mental and social rewards of raiding?  I don’t think so… but I’ve been doing it for a while, and I like spending a few hours doing homework (though I hate some of the stuff) and spending some time talking to my life partner, and spending time sleeping (which I didn’t do enough of when worrying about raiding and looking at numbers and whatnot).

I don’t know.  I need to think about this when I’m not in a long day of school, music, and work… but won’t this become life soon enough?