One day, it will. Hopefully tomorrow.

With the impending shattering of Azeroth coming up, the beta has finally been brought down. It’s a shame, as not having to pay for World of Warcraft since late July has been one of the greatest things ever experienced in my wallet, but I suppose tomorrow’s new “old” leveling zones will be worth it.

As a person who enjoys to use the blog to chronologically display what I do in the game, I’ve decided to try to do a few “mini-reviews” of each changed zone.

I will also be leveling an orc warrior, as I already have a blood elf priest, blood elf warlock, blood elf paladin, troll shaman, tauren hunter, tauren druid, and undead mage. I then figure I can level a goblin rogue and run the gamut of all Horde races and almost all classes on one server.

But oh well. I’m gonna kick back, relax, and try to get some music written before I get to business!