Riding on a wyvern in Thousand Needles. This wyvern used to be an enemy in the old world.

In Tanaris. The zone itself is broken as of now toward the end, but the questing up to that point is fine. It's definitely changed.

Searing Gorge introduces you to a pacifist ogre who rides spiders and sits on dwarves so you don't have to kill them.

Then, in Burning Steppes, you are introduced to a Blackrock Orc army that you prevent from taking over Redridge (apparently for honor's sake). You infiltrate their group and at one point, bludgeon some of them.

The three leaders of the Blackrock invasion force in the Burning Steppes. They're really just the Three Stooges. During quests, you poison meat. This is the end result.

A nice picture of Redridge, while you zip along on a rocket toward the Swamp of Sorrows.