Foreman Razelcraz tells the truth. Outland DOES suck.


During my last visit to what I will call “where you can define every zone primarily by a color or two”, I have found my innermost appreciation for the recent reworking of all of the “classic” leveling zones. Even Northrend, which has prevented me from leveling a few characters itself, seems much better in comparison to Outland.

Here are some reasons why Outland is the worst leveling continent in the face of the World of Warcraft:

  1. Quest flow is atrocious! My favorite examples occur in Zangarmarsh. You are instructed to go kill a named broken slightly east of the Ango’Rosh Grounds. Then, when you turn it in, you’re given a follow up to go back and kill a bunch of them. If only Outland had the feature of completing and immediately getting another quest! And how about that Blacksting? You pick it up, only to find out you have to traverse half way through the zone. Or even better— when you have to sabotage the 4 different pump stations… one is on the opposite side of the map compared to the other three. All of the traveling makes for a very inconsistent journey.
  2. Every zone is a color, literally. Now, you could easily say that about most other zones in WoW. But to me, it’s starkly more noticeable compared to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms now. Hellfire Peninsula? Orange. Zangarmarsh? A blue/green. How about that really awesome Netherstorm place? Purple!Even worse, when you think about the zones now, people will only really experience maybe 2/3rds of the content in Outland. You hit 68, you don’t necessarily feel inclined to stay until 70 or even beyond that, because Northrend is much more appealing. Also, because you want to hit 80. Even worse, levels 70-80 had their experience reduced by 20%.
  3. Why are there 80s in my Outland? And of course, this is also happening in the revamped zones as people are trying their best to get their Loremaster done, but I mean, COME ON. It’s Outland. Why are you farming herbs and ore now? You should have easily done this prior to the revamp. I know people are leveling, and if you’re someone who loves to make the gold, this is probably the best time… but seriously. Stop it. I need that ore to level my Blacksmithing. And it sucked being stuck at 349 for almost 15 minutes.
  4. This has nothing to do with Outland, but needs some mentioning. How come Blacksmithing doesn’t get the multiple-skill-point-ups? Freaking Adamantite. I made someone really, really rich that evening.

And that’s why Outland sucks. It just does. The goblin said it, I can say it, and if you like it… well, good for you. But I will never like it unless or until it gets a small revamp of some sort. It just needs some polishing. It’d be nice, you know, to keep the questing design and goals to be similar to the first part of your leveling experience from 1-60. Consistency will keep players playing; throwing them all over the place will end up being confusing!