(WARNING: This post contains profane language. It’s the internet.)

So it’s been almost a week and a day since I hit 85, and haven’t really updated the blog very often with any of my pithy comments or obsevations.

However, I have a few things in my draft pile that have been sort of on my mind, so I figure I can grace this post with two opinionated bursts of anger!

  • The difference between casual and hardcore.

I personally have logged in many hours into World of Warcraft the past week. I would say I’ve played more than I have in the past six months, cumulatively, the past two weeks. Does this make me a “casual” player, or “hardcore” player?

I realize we like to use these terms when it comes to raiding. If I raid 9 hours a week, 3 days a week… does this make me casual? What if I spend 18 hours a week over 5 days? Does this make me hardcore?

I think it’s better to display these two terms as something almost anyone can relate to— part-time and full-time. This speaks more about the time spent raiding over the quality of the player; I don’t like the idea of something being “hardcore” also defined as something that is generally better. The huge misnomer here is that casuals aren’t better than hardcore raiders. But, as I think many people will agree with, you can find some very great players who know their class and role better than those who spend more time.

What it comes down to is efficiency. If I can get done something in 9 hours that takes someone else double that time, then I think no matter what, I’m the one who is winning here!

What doesn’t seem “casual” to me is setting up a schedule for raiding, then attending those raids. If I were “casual”, I’d probably say something like “fuck the schedule, we’ll do it whenever we have 10 people randomly on”. Organizational skills are not something that you “casually” build.

If I don’t raid 25-mans, that doesn’t make me “casual”. It makes me “someone who is sick of really not great players ruining a bunch of great players’ times”. Sorry if you like the 25-mans, I just think they aren’t really worth it anymore. You could get the greatest achievements ever, and if that’s something you like to be proud of, that’s great. However, I wouldn’t want to put “server first on Ysera” on ANY job or school-related application.

What makes me proud is playing with my friends, and doing things with them, and being successful. That’s where my pride lies— with those who make me feel successful.

And a big “fuck you” to those who don’t like having fun in a video game. What are you doing, huh?

  • Warriors need CC? Yeah, not really.

I’ve actually been spending some time reading up on Warriors on the World of Warcraft forum, and I found this tasty nugget of a QQ post…

All I see in the trade channel – LF DPS Heroics, MUST have CC.

Thinking about making protection my main spec, just so I can play and progress through the game I’m paying $15 a month for :(

First, good news! There is something called the “Looking For Dungeon” tool. I suggest you use it and use it hard. Even if it takes in to account CC or not (and I’m pretty sure NOT, because I had a group as Fury with my DPS DK friend and we got another DK), there is plenty of things for you to do in game while you wait any amount of time! Have you picked up archaeology? It’s a pretty cool secondary profession that can net you a ilvl 359 two-handed sword. You also have a number of dailies to do, or even quests to finish in lower level zones, or how about just making friends? Screw using actual chat channels in town. Those people are douchebags, anyway.

Second, no, warriors DON’T have CC. But is that a really big deal? We have enough utility as it is— we give Strength and Agility, Stamina, critical strike change, reduce melee damage, reduce enemy armor, can fear things and keep them in place, a pretty decent interrupt, hamstring… the list goes on and on. I think that if you’re playing extremely smart, CC isn’t always required. It may make things easier for your healer, but if you can’t already focus on a target your tank is attacking or not break current CCs already up… well, yeah. There’s also a lot of Line-of-Sight help you can get.

Also, being a good tank is something not many people can really take pride in. But if you like to DPS, then DPS. I personally have been enjoying both— I’ll queue up as DPS when we’re doing regular dungeons, and will be a tank for my own guild groups. It’s been working out very nicely.

I think the best part about that forum post in particular is the number of folks who believe that Heroic Throw should be a CC of some sort for warriors. I like to use it for DPS. Or to pull. And you can glyph it to apply a Sunder Armor stack.

And that’s that! I will leave you with a wonderfully random screenshot from… something, I guess.

Me, Brian, Andrew, and Snutty having completed Heroic Deadmines.