Nazragor says "Don't be like... that... guy?"

So, after roughly 9 days of being level 85, accumulating massive riches and gear, and doing almost every heroic successfully (and with achievements as well)… I’d say that there are some differences from healing and tanking! Yep, definite differences… not very similar, sort of.

But I will say that, if I had 10 things to tell someone who started tanking as a warrior tomorrow, here are what they’d be.

  1. Make sure you’re in Defensive Stance before you tank. You can’t really use some of your key abilities if you’re not.
  2. Use Demoralizing Shout! It reduces 10% physical damage taken. This is sort of important.
  3. Throw Vigilance on a melee DPS! If they pull, they probably can’t tank as well as you.
  4. Shield Slam is pretty important. Not only does it develop more threat than other abilities, it knocks off magical abilities.
  5. When generate Area of Effect threat, you can also Cleave. Not only Rend -> Thunder Clap will do it.
  6. Be smart about your Crowd Control. Don’t break sheep, fear, hex, shackle undead/elemental… remember you can pull some mobs out a bit and then use them.
  7. Hey, you have more buttons than taunt! Intervene, Charge, Concussion Blow, Shockwave… stuns are extremely great.
  8. Glyph of Intimidating Shout is also great. Because you really want to fear mobs into more mobs and die.
  9. And you can limit damage even further, through usage of Disarm and Spell Reflect.
  10. Use your cooldowns. If you are unfamiliar with your healer, use 1 minute cooldowns like Shield Block and some trinkets (see: Za’brok’s Lucky Tooth; 329 stamina and a Use effect of 1095 Mastery Rating — cooldown, 1 minute and 30 seconds).

… and that’s what I’d tell myself. What would you tell yourself if you were new at tanking?

(Oh, and make sure you Repair your gear. I tried to tank something with broken armor and no shield and no weapon… it did not work as well as we thought.)