AKA, "Dear douchebags..."

To all those who don’t use Trade as a guild recruitment tool,

Lowered Expectations is looking for a few good people whose IQs are higher than their character’s levels. We would like possible applicants to be haters, because it’s hard not to be given the quality of DERP that can be found on Ysera. Currently, we want people who can tank, heal, DPS, or cheerlead. If you’re not good at what you do, then don’t bother applying, because we will keep your awful application on file and use it as humor fodder in the future.

We’re looking to raid 3 times a week for maybe 3 hours, it just depends on who applies and who we like. We’re willing to actually work with odd schedules, because we think having fun in this game with really good players is better than sitting in a 25-man filled with idiots (see: Lowered Expectations in WotLK).

Send me a tell in-game, a mail in-game, or use our forums (http://loweredysera.guildlaunch.com).

Thanks, bitches.

– Nazragor/Kitts/Vulpix, GM of Lowered Expectations.