(This letter contains a lot of profanity, because it’s 1000% required.)


Dear Ysera (US-PvE),

You know, we’ve had some really great times! When we first transferred to you, we had a very rad relationship! We could PUG the “nerfed” version of Black Temple, which was awesome, except a fucking awful protection warrior named Weg (who is still on Ysera as Tilo – troll hunter, and Eins – blood elf paladin; I think she’s still here… somewhere) screwed up our Illidan kills. We honestly don’t know why Moorecowbell (doesn’t play anymore, did keggers with his dog) liked you, but I guess we had to deal with it up until we couldn’t take it anymore.

We started raiding for progression, adding people who we used to play with in Shenanigans (of Exodar, the mightiest guild ever during Burning Crusade) who transferred over. And for a while, it was pretty freaking great. We were actually doing stuff.

But of course, attendance issues would rear it’s ugly head over and over again. And because we did loot council with a revolving door of officers of people we assumed were highly moral and ethical and good people, things got fucked up in the process. It was getting harder to defend those who made the mistakes, and those who were just bad people who couldn’t raid worth a shit.

Over time, we met trolls who couldn’t back up any skill in the game. We met Australians— 3 out of 4 of them are really great, the other one used to be a Blood Elf priest before jumping on the somewhat recent Troll bandwagon. He was also really, really emo and sort of a dick. Some of our friends, after Lowered Expectations crashed into the dirt somewhere after Lich King became a cakewalk and a half, migrated to other guilds. Once again, these are friends who we played with since Burning Crusade. I would almost say “betrayal”, but god damnit, it was more of a disappointment (see cat face at the top of this post) than anything.

Even now, on Ysera, in the little guild called Lowered Expectations, we have a strong enough core to do probably everything in this game. But it took a long time to discover people’s true natures, intentions, and instabilities. I can’t blame everyone, to be honest, because the game is supposed to be fun. But I don’t understand the people who I really trusted for a good 4 to 5 years of my life decided to waste that relationship. It’s a distinct possibility that I think too highly of myself, but I don’t think that’s the case— I am not the perfect player, but I am damn sure I make every opportunity present for every person I play with.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry, Ysera! Let me tell you more about yourself. You are a dying server for the Horde. There are maybe one or two competitive guilds on the server that care to “compete”, but it’s truly a lost cause… being first on Ysera is sort of like being first in a city of 3 people competing for the “Most Worthless Competition” competition. The Horde, which used to hold 6-7 relatively competitive guilds, doesn’t have that cohesiveness anymore. And do not get me started on Tol Barad. Midwinter, probably the most defining guild on Ysera (Alliance side, though) can make Tol Barad explode with just one person present. I wish I was exaggerating.

(Oh yeah, and competition is stupid in a video game, unless you get mad sponsorship and money— in which case, props.)

And also, most of the Ysera PUGs I get in randoms? Ridiculously embarassing! A retribution paladin who pulled 4k on every boss. She may have been waiting for Crusader Strike to come on cooldown and not do anything else. And how about a priest in the guild “Team Cupcake”, who asked the tank if they ever had done it before and then fucking booked it when the tank said no. That’s perfectly fine, because it’s not like the expansion came out almost two weeks ago.

Ysera, if anything, I have to blame you for all of the problems we ended up having. When people stopped showing up for raids, from “taking a guild vacation that would eventually ruin a lot of people’s want to raid and/or exist in WoW” to “the officers all have a conspiracy against me” (which, to be frank, was probably true if you were one of the completely awful people we needed to find during moments of crisis), we only had a diluted and ineffective pool to draw from. Maybe it’s because there were so many people in guilds and all the “good” ones were spread out too thin. Maybe it’s because Ysera is also filled with douchebags, some of the populace being too stupid/too arrogant to join up with someone for 5 seconds to share credit on a quest mob. Never would I see the day where I’d want other guilds on my own faction, or other people, to fail.


– Nazragor, “Because I hate everything”.

PS. Here’s a picture of a friendly ^_^ cat, because after this post, I needed something to make me go :| even further.