Curtis Allen (gamer and writer):

  • … has been mentioned by
  • … wrote a guest blog post on World of Matticus, a popular healing blog.
  • … met and conversed with “Ghostcrawler” of World of Warcraft fame.
  • … has been writing off and on about video gaming for almost 2 years.
  • … prefers RPGs and tactical RPGs over any other style of game.
  • … has a favorite video game: Earthbound (SNES)!

Curtis Allen (musician):

  • … has 15 years of piano experience, and graduated as a piano major.
  • … has 8 years of percussion experience.
  • … also teaches and consults as a marching percussion educator (front ensemble).
  • … has performed in various local groups as a featured percussion artist in performances of “Carmina Burana”, John Rutter’s “Gloria!”, and John Rutter’s “Mass of the Children”.
  • … holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory and Composition (a huge moneymaker, *cough*).