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WoW! Amazing Thread!

[ALERT: This post contains some adult language. If you don’t like it, I hate you.]

As much as I dislike some of the random bitchy, not-helping posts that people put up on the official World of Warcraft forums (and that I’m not even at home, on a mini-vacation with a special friend)…

This thread has so much potential for greatness and it’s a shame Zarhym locked it.

The title of it is “if you only do 3k, 4k, 5k dps, don’t queue”.

Now, a majority of the posts within this delicious 4-page sandwich of a thread are of the “lol this is great” and “two thumbs up” variety. A few even went the distance to say “unless you pay for my subscription, don’t tell me how to play”. And of course, the GREATEST answer was…

If you suck at your class, don’t queue for heroics (I assume that’s what the OP means).  Plain and simple.  If you’ve leveled 84 times, you’re not a new player.  They’ve had 85 levels of time to learn how the class works, how to gear, how to play, how to stay out of the fire, etc.  I don’t think a player has to be a min-maxing stat-obsessive spreadsheet-analyzer, but at the same time I don’t think people should queue for heroics when they have no idea how to play their class.

On the flip side, I’ve grouped with epic-clad, enchanted, achievement-ridden people that can’t do 6k dps to save their life, and I’ve grouped with cheated-the-item-level-system players that can only just do 5k but know what to attack, how to interrupt, how to CC, pay attention, and try earnestly to do well.  Guess which one of these players I’d rather group with and will have infinitely more patience with?

The OP, while having atrocious grammar and spelling “everything” wrong, unfortunately has a great point that people end up ignoring due to the lack of being able to communicate!

I am also, as defined in this post (and our guild) as “that guy”. I’m the one who will kick a bad DPS in a heroic PUG. I am the guy who will belittle, mock, and scream in caps while 3 other guild members help (or if you’re my favorite feral druid ever, name being withheld, you are the guy who goes for it).

If you cannot pull minimum 5k DPS and be unable to perform the required tasks for an encounter or for trash, you should just get out. You are actually wasting my precious $15 a month. Yes, you are. Don’t say “well I don’t know how to play the game” or “I’m new”. If you are either of them, please use your powers to remember your previous 84 levels. You also can use something called “THE INTERNET”, which supposedly has knowledgeable sources everywhere. While you shouldn’t use Wiki to write a paper (or cite it directly), you can use Elitist Jerks or the MMO-Champion forums, or even the World of Warcraft forums to better yourself.

I firmly believe, especially as an educator, if you don’t put in the time to just learn how to do something at its minimal, you shouldn’t be doing it. If you can’t show that you want to be good at something, then don’t do it. You end up wasting not just the time of others, but your own! Anything can give you the keys, but you have to turn it.

To those who are complaining about the OP in this thread, especially this guy:

If low dps bugs you, don’t pug.  By using LFD, you’re acknowledging that you’ll take what you’re given and at least attempt to work with it.

Also, everyone seems so focused on dps.  Where’s the concern for damage mitigation?  I always see dps posting their numbers for dps, but rarely do I see numbers posted for who did the most interrupts, or who took the least damage.  As a healer, I could care less how much your crit was if you’re the guy who gets slammed on a blitz because you’re so focused on your rotation.

Well, first of friend, you’re in luck. If you were in a PUG where we needed a healer and you sucked? You’d get the same treatment. The fun thing is, at least for healing, it’s easier to measure when everyone is dead because you decided to not dispel! Or maybe even just not healing right at all! I’d argue it’s harder to learn how to heal through leveling, so if you’re going to cheat out the normal dungeon grind and go right for heroics through buying PvP blues? I’d punch you in the throat.

Also, I’m not acknowledging anything. I’m not saying “please give me a terrible (insert role here)”. I’m not saying I want the bottom of the barrel. Our guild alone has gotten so many compliments and praise and acknowledgement by the people we PUG we don’t suck at the game! Even when I DPS and I pull my ~10k sustained, a PUG’d healer was like “oh my god you guys are awesome”. If anything, I’d like to thank the failures of WoW for making me look fucking rad.

So yeah. This thread is great because it’s saying something about the general base player of this game— too lazy to learn, too quick to jump into harder content through heroics, and not ballsy enough to admit that it’s not my problem or my guild’s problem, or even the OP’s problem. It’s that guy who is pulling 3-5k DPS, expecting me to carry him literally through an entire instance.

You’re welcome.


Heroic Dungeon Difficulty

What you may be looking forward to in your next heroic dungeon PUG...

If you haven’t already guessed, there is a fair share of idiocy that runs rampant throughout some battlegroups. You may recognize a server name— and not for quality players! For instance, I like to pick on US-PvE Exodar. That server is balls. I mean, it was dead halfway through Burning Crusade, and didn’t seem like any Horde guild really controlled it because it was always in a state of fluctuation…

But anyway, that’s not what this post is about: it’s about the DERP in your heroic group. Here are some tips to make sure your heroic experience is not wasted.

  • Even if you’re not the tank, learn how to mark targets. I think this is a crucial thing to learn only because it can make your groups, even guild ones, faster. If you’re the rogue and you mark what you’re going to sap, you’re keeping the group moving. Or if you’re the mage, and you know what thing needs to be sheeped? Mark it. I promise no one will get angry about that. Now, if you don’t know what you should take care of, you may want to ask… though, if you show weakness in a PUG, you might get kicked because people are jerks and this is the internet. Mob priority is something everyone should know— caster type mobs are dangerous, healer types are dangerous… Shadowlancers in Halls of Origination are pretty dangerous.
  • Learn your shapes and colors. If I say “sheep the triangle” and you will only sheep the moon because that’s what you’re used to, then to be honest? Get out.
  • If you can interrupt, you should. Once again, with the lack of quality in some heroic and even normal groups, we forget that if you can interrupt it, you probably should! There are no reasons to NOT interrupt a mob or a boss if you can (though with one fight in particular on heroic for an achievement, you may end up ignoring this… I’m looking at you, Rajh).
  • If you can dispel/purge/spellsteal, you should. Even more emphasis on the Spellsteal. When I played my mage, this was easily my most favorite thing to do. If you ever did Shadow Labyrinth in Burning Crusade, you could spellsteal the demon-corehound transformation thing and just melee stuff really fast. It was awesome.
  • If you’re the tank, watch healer mana. This sounds ridiculously obvious, but I am in the market for stating it often. Sometimes a pull doesn’t go the way you want it— your warlock’s imp goes nuts, your death knight wants to hit that cooldown for his free Howling Blast as soon as possible… whatever it is, you may want to consider that cooldowns are always necessary for it. Especially warrior tanks— Shield Block at 30 seconds? Abuse it.
  • Have patience. Heroic dungeons, right now, are not meant to be cake walks. But that doesn’t mean you should be wiping on trash. Use the CC, have healers drink, just be consistently moving or doing something. If people don’t know how to do the fight, or refuse to do things right… or heck, are pulling 2k on bosses? Kick them. There is a reason why that tool exists, and it’s not for me to abuse it on dumb people (though I am sure I am making many friends with my “GET OUT YOU SUCK” attitude).
  • If at first you don’t succeed? Maybe you should do some normals. You can still get some iLvl 333 items in normals. That’s pretty important if you’re stuck wearing some nice iLvl 318 bracers…

I hope this list helps. If it doesn’t… uh… blame every troll death knight everywhere.


Angry Dome: Now With 1000% More Fury!

The Angry Dome... is awesome.  Thanks, Professor.

The Angry Dome... is awesome. Thanks, Professor.

So, there’s something that’s been making me very angry recently (big surprise, eh?).  And it’s not the lack of raiding.  It’s not the fact that I’m only excited when there’s a new patch.  And certainly it’s not that I have a medal for basically teaching (it’s awesome, totally wearing it to classes tomorrow so I can win the “Biggest Douche” award).

But it’s… oh, how can I put it.

Recently, PUGs have been springing up that ask for a #### GS.  The only way you can go to these raids is if you have a GS high enough in order to go to a specific raid.

This is what I like to call, “The Biggest Douchebag Limitor That Gives You A Number That Really Just Gives You The Middle Finger”.

There is an add-on that I’m sure most people know of by now called Gearscore.  This add-on will calculate your iLvl and put it into a number that magically means you can only go to so many raid instances because of this number.  Nevermind experience: we’re all too worried that poor Karumph won’t have enough DPS to kill a boss because he has a Crusader’s Locket.

This is a piece of bullshit, if I ever did see one.

I say this because you can basically hide behind a number.  Just a number.  This number automatically speaks of your experiences.  And especially if you’re an alt.  If for some reason “your number isn’t high enough”, you can’t go to these raids but it’s okay: the moron who gets tail-whipped into Ony eggs every pull is allowed to go and will do so with expense.

When people use these numbers to hide, I get angry.  As a generally decent human being, I would worry more about a person’s intelligence than their gear.  Though— there are limitations, obviously you can’t take a person in all greens.  But seriously, you have to start somewhere.

There was a point on Exodar on my mage that I wanted to do 10-man Naxxramas.  The leader was like “your gearscore isn’t high enough”.  I asked him politely “where the fuck should I start because I’m wearing all iLvl 200s, and I hear Naxx 10 is basically the first place to go”.  Logic bonked him on the head and I won.  You have to start somewhere. This somewhere has been changing because of the ability to get a nice amount of gear without having to run a bunch of raid instances for a very long time (though the nicest of the pieces do lie in those raids).

Also, where the heck do the Gearscore people get their numbers?  I fear that there are people who are setting limitations to where maybe they don’t know what a limitation may be.  Furthermore, there should be a disclaimer saying that no fucking moron should take an add-on as the end all be all.  If you’re not doing a PUG raid because you can’t find another person with a 4500+ GS?  Go kill yourself.  Seriously.  You’re hurting a LFG channel and the other people in it by being an ignorant jerkwad.

Now— I’m sure people can make arguments for this mod.  “Gee Kitts, I don’t know these people… I need something to look at to see if they’re any legit”!  Well, that’s a great argument if you’re a moron. You should know the people on your server.  You should know what guilds are scary and which aren’t.  You should know what people are “baddies” and which aren’t through your prior PUGing experiences.  You should know general things about classes and whatnot, even if you’re casual, because the truth is you have friends (hopefully) that also know other things about this game and you can use them as reference points for good or bad!

Maybe people are just afraid of getting bitten by the “worst player ever” in a PUG.  Or they’re so overly cautious that they have to put themselves into a world where the only thing that matters is a number.  But here’s something to think about.  How many people in your guild get carried through, die on most fights, and get gear at the end? These are the people who sit in your LFG and tell you that you can’t do a raid because you’re not good enough.  Does that anger you?

I hope it does.

(Disclaimer: By no means are people who use Gearscore are “limited” intellectually.  But you may want to start considering using your brain when playing WoW.)